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Baby Christening Gifts & Baptism Gifts

Baby Christening Gifts

Baby Christening Gifts
Baby Christening Gifts follow a long and cherished tradition. The traditional christening ritual objects include a lace or eyelet bible, a cross, and sometimes a blanket or shawl. The christening bonnet is worn on the head of the infant and then when that child grows up, it is to be carried when they get married. The traditional Christening gift from the godparents for the christening ceremony is a silver cup, but silver spoons and flatware also gained in popularity over the years. You can find these and more unique baby Christening gifts at

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Baby Christening Wear:
Girls Christening Gowns
Girls Christening Gowns
Our beautiful baby girl Christening gowns will help to create a cherished Christening day.

Boy Christening Outfits Boy Christening Outfits
How dashing your baby boy will be in one of these handsome boy's Christening outfits or gowns.
Baby Christening Shoes Christening Shoes
Complete your baby's Christening outfit with a pair of these beautiful baby Christening shoes.

Christening Bibs Christening Bibs
Your baby will certainly wear a gorgeous Christening outfit, so why not accent and protect it with a lovely Christening bib?
Baby Christening Gifts:
Silver Baby Gifts
Silver Baby Keepsakes
The classic gift for baptism. Sterling silver & silver plated baby rattles, cups, spoons and classic silver Christening keepsakes.  

baby christening gifts - baby bibles

Baby Christening Bibles
These keepsake bibles are designed just for baby and make an essential Christening accessory! 

Baby Christening Gifts

Baptism Photo Frames
A fine collection of photo frames just to celebrate baby's baptism or Christening day. 

Baby Christening Cross

For display on baby's nursery wall or on tabletop, these crosses are a wonderful addition to baby's room decor.

Christening Gifts - Baptism keepsake boxes

Christening Keepsake Boxes
Archival quality storage for baby Christening keepsakes.

Baptism Banks
These classic baby banks are designed as perfect baptism gifts. 

Christening Gifts - Baby Baptism Plates

Personalized Prayer Plates
Christening keepsakes that can be used daily! These personalized plates make a great gift.  

Baby Christening Gifts - Photo Albums

Christening Albums
Remember baby's Christening with a album to store the photos from baby's special day.