How to select a baby memory book :

1) Book Style: Baby books are one of the few pieces of baby "gear" that last a lifetime. There are baby books that have lots of colorful pictures, while others have creative embellishments. Handbound baby books are often more classic and simple than their contemporary counterparts. Whether cute, colorful, creative, classic, sophisticated, or simple, pick the book that matches your own personal taste. Another consideration is whether you want your baby book personalized with your baby's name and birthdate. You may also want a matching baby keepsake box, brag book, or photo album so be sure to select a baby memory book line that carries them all. 

2) The content of the bookEach person has their own creative flair when it comes to filling out a baby memory book. Many people enjoy generous details and plenty of room to write. Others prefer a more simplistic layout providing just the highlights. Evaluate your lifestyle to decide which baby book would work well for you. There are baby books that are full of "firsts"and lists of who, what, when, and where questions. There are also baby memory books that are very simple and leave lots of room for interpretation. This leaves you the option for the level of detail you wish. Whatever you choose your child will enjoy your reflections for years to come. 

3) Book Size and Layout:  Baby books come in all shapes and sizes. Think about how big or small you'd like your baby memory book to be. Some people prefer a nice big book to hold all corresponding pictures and memorabilia. For instance, you can store every card sent to your precious newborn. Other people prefer a baby keepsake box to store bigger items and a smaller baby book for just writing. Selecting a baby book that is more in the form of a "post bound" scrapbook or in a "looseleaf binding" allows you to add pages and expand or replace pages as you go. Exchanging pages can be a nice option particularly if you make an error. 

4) Price: There are beautiful baby memory books in all price ranges. However, we have very beautiful less expensive baby books, published on a larger scale that are very precious.

Visit our baby memory book Buying Guide for additional information to help you find what you're looking for or give us a call at 1-800-381-1857 and we'd be happy to assist you with your selection.